The crisis sculptures, originally realized in the form of a framed photo series (see exhibition documentation below), underwent a recontextualization via billposting on a facade in public space as part of the citywide festival “Jahr100Sommer – vom Sehen und Gesehen werden – 100 k├╝nstlerische Interventionen im Stadtraum”” in Dortmund.

Exhibition views, Dortmund, September 2021, exhibition site: Schwanenwall 33, 44135 Dortmund, on view until the end of October 2021

The “Krisenskulpturen” were created in a house in the countryside, whose aesthetic appearance and spatial structure found their way into the exhibition architecture of the series’ presentation. Thus the walls not only served as a display for the photographs, but in their floor plan and their implied scenic quality they also traced some characteristic moments of the rooms in their creation.

Exhibition views from the group show “800 qm” in the context of the “Parc/ours” in M├Ânchengladbach, September 2020.